Thursday, October 22, 2015

10/22/15 Sarria to Mercadoiro

Sunny Day on Hills, Pastures, Glens and through Small Villages

Leaving Sarria on a crisp clear morning after a hearty breakfast at our new favorite Coffee Bar/Restaurant

A great "top of a castle" spotted on our way out of Sarria... but where is the rest of the castle?

Our early morning scenic walk out of town 

Sarria's special coat of arms

As we depart ...looking over Sarria in the mist

Beautiful exit from Sarria continues!

Mariah and fellow pilgrims crossing a classic stone bridge and onto our next destination

Some misty morning paths are just spectacular!

Beautiful beginning of our days walk!

Stones of a distant yesteryear are left in place and barbed wire for fencing is attached. We appreciate how the local people honor their past structures & artifacts where possible and include in their day life

2 beautiful horses with glistening coats in the morning sun!

Large stepping stones create our path past a small creek

Beautiful meadows  with beautiful vintage  stone borders to enjoy in a variety of configurations for most of our day!

Another beautiful path

We met a real Galician today .... a citizen of the Galician Region. He is of Celtic origin and his native tongue is Galician though he speaks Spanish & English as most Galicians do. He says one of Galicia's specialties is mushrooms and he is pointing out the type of mushrooms that are "safe eating"  and considered Galicia's best! See 2 photos below. Very important topics are covered on the Camino.

Mariah found special white oak leaves today to add to her collection for her artistic metal work

Nothing like wide open pastures to clear your mind!

Wow... a marker denoting 99 km to Santiago!!

We both fell in love with the design and materials of this old gate

An odd addition to the Camino path!.... A solo ostrich !
Nestled in this village right off the Camino path , I was taken by the open wrought iron gate leading your eye to the large carved wood door of this little gem of a church!

Goats and their 2 cute kids frolicking in the very green grass!

Very large stone path!

Breathtaking views

Arriving suddenly...just off our little dirt walking path was our home for the night. This Alburgue and Restaurant and the building across the street are all that comprises the very little village of Mercadoiro. 
This is the outdoor seating for the coffee bar/ restaurant with meadow views. Pilgrims on the Camino can stop by all day for just a quick refreshment break. We arrived at 3pm and were able to enjoy some time relaxing in the sun and soaking in the view "from a chair!" So wonderful!

Pilgrims coming into patio off the trail

Our 2 story overnight quarters

After a great days walk I'm relaxing  under the apple tree in a beautiful setting

Looking through the stone opening from restaurant patio to the  Camino path and the "balance" of the 18th century town across the street .

Our day ended with a Pilgrim meal with those staying at our Alburgue. A great group of young people from various parts of Germany, 4 of them traveling as a group and the rest individually. They spoke great English and we enjoyed a beautifully prepared dinner and fun conversation in an upper loft dining room.
Good day to all!
It's our bedtime.
From Grannies on Camino
Mary and Mariah