Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Granon to Belorado October 7, 2015

Breakfast in our Casa Mirabela in Granon
Lookout patio exiting Granon ... What lies ahead for our walk about today
The path out of Granon....another day of adventure on Camino
1st rest stop  Redecilla del Camino... Cappuccinos w/pilgrim friends
A renovated cottage .... Mary's the window & Dutch door!

The original " Dutch" door.... Maybe Spanish 1/2 door? 1700s?

A Spaniard's home garden in Castildelgado
A church and attached rectory In Castildelgado on this structure 1764! Wow
On the road to Villoria
Met Don from Del Mar, Calif in Villoria
Colorful home in Villoria
A fun walk with Don.... Lively Americans  in conversation all the way to our destination in Belorado
Our snack room in tonight's home at Alburgue a Santiago in Belorado
Home for the night... Mariah and I enjoyed our day!  It was unique in that the villages we walked through were closer together , very quaint, small but filled with rich remnants of the history of this Spanish Province of La Rioja and Burgos.
Lots to ponder as you walk miles and miles....
Thinking fondly of our Family and Friends,
Mary and Mariah


  1. That Dutch door is begging for a cottage plate!

  2. I couldn't agree more Cate! Haven't decided on the design yet!.... What would accent that doorway?