Sunday, October 4, 2015

Photo tour Viana to Logrona 10/3/15

Another successful day on the Camino!
Leaving Viana on our way to Logrono, beautiful clean streets well marked for Camino Walkers
As we walked out of town to our surprise we came upon our Swedish friends "tenting it" on the outskirts of Viana & just off the Camino trail! They heard our voices and stuck their heads out.
Mariah setting a good clip on the trail! Cool, crisp morning... the way we like it!
Wide open spaces, more vineyards and olive groves today
Some of our walk was on the side of the Highway but soon we are segwayed to nature trails
Ahh.... A tree lined pathway
A stop to visit with 2 Benedictine Monks who sell what they grow to help feed the poor. We purchased and enjoyed very large shelled almonds!
Storks nest along the Camino ... Look at the size and location of this stork nest. Hopefully we will have a picture of a stork soon.
Beautiful bridge taking us into Logrono.
So we meet up at day's end with our Swedish "tenting"  friends Moline snd Ricard. We enjoyed lunch at a pizzeria in downtown Logrono...then off we went down the street to enjoy cappuccinos and a well deserved Brownie/ Ice Cream/ smothered in chocolate extravaganza
Our home for the night... 4 floors elevator... Cruelty to Pilgrims I would say but grateful as it was Saturday & party night in Logrono... No room at most inns!

Below .... Stopped in at the neighborhood church/ cathedral of Logrono .... Wow! 
Hi to all! It's fun sharing our days with our family and friends!
Mary and Mariah❤️

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