Sunday, October 4, 2015

Logrono to Ventosa 10/4/15

Hi from Mary and Mariah....
We descended the stairs from our 4th story roost and hit the misty trail with our rain gear on! Note the photo of Mariah's all in one new rain gear that covers ALL  including her backpack! We were fortunate that the rain was light and our exit from town was interesting as everyone that jogs or walks in Logrono was out on the Camino de Santiago trail in their colorful and stylish exercise gear and we were greeted with at least 75 cheerful "Buen Caminos!" The exit from Logrono  was through a beautiful municipal park that went on for miles with beautiful artistic Camino markers along the way even on tunnel walls.
Because Logrono is well over one hundred miles from our starting point the local residents seem to view the pilgrims trekking  through their city as serious pilgrims on a mission to finish and we got many "thumbs up" along with the salutation of "Buen Camino"!
Today was a long walk day for us ..... Clocking in at 19.2 km mostly on country trails of varied terrain weaving around a reservoir and through Vineyards.Grapes are being harvested and at one point we were climbing a city street stained purple with grape juice from the passing carts filled with harvested grapes being hauled from the vineyard to winery. The overwealming aroma of fresh grapes was amazing!  
We finally reached our destination for the evening and we were happy to find many familiar faces from the trail at our friendly Alburgue in the Village of Ventosa. We dined at one of the 2 restaurants in town joining fellow pilgrims and many townspeople dressed up for Sunday night dinner out. 
We both feel we are improving our fitness level by the day which positively effects our mind and spirit!..... Onward we say ... with even more gusto than yesterday!


  1. We are sure enjoyed the pictures of the countryside and glad to hear you're making lots of friends on the way.