Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Villavante to Astorga 10/13/15

Mariah and Mary ....the Grannies walk from Villavante to Astorga
Hi everyone! These are yesterday's shots... too tired to finish last night. It was a long day and always a bit of a shock coming from a small country village through the countryside to arrive in the big city! It took at least 1.5 hours to get from the edge of the city to our hotel... Yikes! But what a bonus when we opened our hotel window ! See photos of our views!
Mary and Mariah
The Grannies on Camino Adventure Continues!

Leaving our Albergue Lucia...we could have stayed longer here! Villavante very small population is less than 400

Crisp morning 34 degrees.... We warmed up within the hour ....soon it was in the 50s. Pretty morning light and roosters crowing as we headed into the country.

Of course ... Cows! Today it's the black and whites. Sometimes we can get them to bat an eyelash...if we're lucky!

Amazing Gothic bridge over the River Orbigio , historically known as a famous site of a jousting match ( year 1434) which inspired the grateful victor of 300 jousting matches to make a pilgrimage to Santiago. Amazing stonework and length of the bridge!

The bridge took us into the village of Villares de Orbigio

If you can read Latin you may find this an interesting addition to the bridge

Country road into Villares de Orbigio

In Villares de Orbigio we met a great gal from Belgium, Christina, who bought this very charming Albergue a year ago and runs it by herself. It is truly a labor of love, besides providing a fun and welcoming place to spend the night she cooks for all the pilgrims too! Charming courtyard gathering place with all rooms surrounding the courtyard. We enjoyed coffee , cookies and an interesting chat with Christina.

Looking back as we leave Villares de Orbigio

Good Samaritan ( left of cart)  who lives right off the Pilgrim road  in a small very rustic pueblo building and offers a great variety of food, produce and beverage to passing pilgrims for donations only

Arriving at the big city of Astorga population 12,000

A beautiful palace viewed from our hotel window! Originally  Gaudi's Bishop's Palace.... It now houses the Museo de los Caminos ... A museum with many artifacts and history regarding the Camino de Santiago

Photos of the Very Grand Cathedral shot from our hotel window.... what great views to uplift a weary pilgrim!

Cathedral shot from different angles

Small adjunct chapel to large cathedral, evening mass was in progress.


  1. That was a nice window view.
    Wishing you both strength and prayers for the climb.