Monday, October 12, 2015

La Virgen del Camino to Villavante 10/12/15

LONG Open Road Today....
A Pilgrim Sculpture as if to say " Buen Camino!" to us as we leave La Virgin del Camino

We meet a fun Dutch Couple as we are hitting the trail at the beginning of the day!
A Long Open Road..... 24 km today!
Beautiful rich countryside
Open road continues!

Artistic pilgrim welcome in Villar de Mazarife

Mariah in front of the the beautiful church in Villar de Mazariffe. Still no storks spotted in the large stork nests on the church steeples.

Note: For those who have been waiting to see the storks show up in the nests via my photographs...I have just been informed tonight that the storks migrate to Africa for winter holiday! Only the aged and infirmed stay home, but I have yet to spot any old or sick storks ...sorry!

Mary sharing some time with the original Santiago Pilgrim ...St. James. We are in the courtyard in front of the church in Villar de Mazarife. We enjoyed our lunch break in this town.

Today it's CORNFIELDS! 
Already harvested... "Just stalks" stretching far out into the horizon. Started craving a cob of corn....corn fields everywhere but not a single cob to eat!

There seemed to be no end to wide open roads today!

New variety of "fluffy eared" cows of a new stylish muted color! .... searching for points of interest today  .... loved the fluffy ears that the cows  used proficiently to swat flies! Cute and efficient ears!

At last... after 71/2 hours we arrive at Villavante for the evening! 
Who do we meet up with but the Dutch Couple ... Theresa and John from the beginning of the day! We enjoyed a dinner with them at our Albergue St. Lucia en el Camino.

Mary follows the Camino signs and yellow arrows to make her way on the Camino .... The Dutch spend an hour pouring over the maps "refining" the plan!

PS .... There was some variety to our open roads today... We got to splash through a few mud puddles this morning... left for us after last nights rain!

Another great day on Camino!
Hope you all are enjoying your days journey!
Love from Mary and Mariah


  1. Mary, You are doing SO well ... and I hope still really enjoying it. The decision to bus part of the Camino was the one I had to make too. But I figure there will be other years!! Buen Camino and hugs, Susan (Heidi's friend in Bremerton)

  2. Love the picures with are both 2 amazing women....carry on

  3. Love the picures with are both 2 amazing women....carry on

  4. Thank you all! We appreciate the support. We should have scheduled 50 days including travel days ..... Most people we have met have 45-60 days as their schedule for the Camino. We are enjoying our days ... Some more challenging than others