Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Photos Azofra to Granon

10/6/15 Photos of our Adventuring from Azofra to Granon
A rainbow to start our day!
Plowed fields ready for a new planting
Long stretches of road ahead
What? A New Crop ? ...Beets!
Everyone has their own "weight priorities" ... What items & accompanying weight you want to tote on your back!..... A boy and his guitar!
Church in Cicuena , population 27, church only open on Sunday for 1 mass
Our new friend who opened his Alburgue/ Hotel in Cicuena (under renovation ) to make us a pot of coffee
Under renovation... Being painted yellow today!
On the road to Santo Domingo
Trudging along with the wind giving us a new challenge.... benefit was natural air conditioning, beats being hot!

Potato sorting in progress! .... Amazed to see the sorter shot out a "reject pile" of less than symmetrical or size desirable spuds
See the wind blown tree.... We were blowing along with the wind.... Feeling light as a feather and efforting to stay on the road at times
Awe ... On our way into Granon
1st Albergue option ... Thank goodness for Tommy from Texas who found us another option below...
The new digs with a view !.... Our lesson... Always call ahead for housing!!

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