Thursday, October 1, 2015

Photos from 9/30/15

Puente La Reina to Estella
Leaving our favorite Alburgue in Puente La Reina

A tree house on site at our favorite Albergue Jakue

Leaving Puente La Reina through ancient city gate....

and over the antiquated bridge erected by a woman who facilitated save passage for the early Pilgrims over the River Arga. Much of today's Pilgrim trail followed the Arga River.
Passage to and from Puente La Reina

River Arga 
Another view of the bridge erected in support of the early Pilgrims
On the trail to Estella

Our new friends, a family from West Berlin


cute sheep welcoming us to his little village

Searching the streets of Estella for a place to sleep!

In awe of ancient Roman Bridge we came upon on our day's walk

Mariah finds a fig tree....

and enjoys a fig!

Leaving town....

Walking ancient Roman road in the country .
Wonderful how Spain preserves the old and integrates the new.

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  1. Great shots! You both look settled into the mode! I hear the theme from Rocky. " getting stronger, ba ba, getting stronger!". Beautiful country:)