Saturday, October 10, 2015

Atapuerca to Burgos 10/10/15

Mariah and Mary's Photo Trail from Atapuerca to Burgos
15 miles and 7 hours to walk from our little country town of Atapuerca to the Big City of Burgos!
Every good day on the trail begins with a fresh start of a great Cappucino ,  breakfast food and some pilgrim comradery. This is our favorite morning spot to date... The woman behind the counter bakes all the items you see , runs a specialty grocery items store that is attached, smiles a lot , makes a great Cappucino and keeps things clean and inviting!... Just like your Mom!
Leaving Atapuerca.... Mariah in front of the "very special museum " that came in a small package but told a "big story" of this areas history.
Big love note found as we started our morning with yet another BIG uphill climb out of the village
On the road ....much of it rocky.... Our balance and maneuvering skills are improving!
Off to the big city!
Looking back at our climb out of ATAPUERCA
Looking forward to our journey into the city of Burgos shown in the distance... Looks like a straight forward shot to get there .... It wasn't .. It was a wild and winding road and a big city walk to actually arrive in the heart of the city at our Pilgrim accomodations!
Zoom in to see ALL the pilgrims on the road to our 1st refreshment stop of the day in Cardenuela Rio Pico
Sad to see Cardenuela's big job ahead to renovate their church now in ruins

Great rest stop in Cardenuela Rio Pico
Mariah finds Dutch speaking pilgrim friends and they all enjoy some frivolity and Dutch speaking fellowship. Mariah was born in Holland and still speaks fluent Dutch ... All she needs to hear is a few Dutch words spoken and she is ALL in!
Cute Happy Dutch Girls!
Pensive .. Arriving in Burgos
After 2 hours of walking we finally arrive in the historic district where we are staying for the night.
Below... Believe it or not... Mariah connects with a big happy group of Dutch tourists who are eager communicate in Dutch and to photograph a Dutch Pilgrim on Camino!....Well alls fair..... I wanted a picture of the Dutch group with Mariah. I may just learn a good bit of the Dutch language before I get home! What I do know for sure is Dutch people are very expressive, welcoming and full of fun!
A Weekend in Spanish Cities seems to be all about whole families mixing , mingling, eating and shopping in the town square. See town square below just warming up for a Saturday Night!
Wow... An Imaginarium in Burgos!

The Catedral de Burgos ....Too big to fit in one photo!! 1st built by the Romans and taken over and renovated by Spain into the church that it is today starting in the 14th Century. This cathedral is considered  one of the most beautiful & largest cathedrals in Spain.
A bride and groom making their way through the crowds after their wedding in the Cathedral
Gearing up for a Spanish Holiday on Monday

A group of Spanish troubadours in costume playing a variety of stringed instruments and singing in the City Square. Festive music and a great dinner in the square wrapped up a big day for us!
Happy Weekend to All!
Mary and Mariah


  1. Happy to see you having so much fun! Inspiring to see so many locals and fellow travelers in such good spirits. We will miss you on Sunday morning at the Canyon Club. We will be thinking of you... Love and Blessings from Laguna Beach!

  2. My gosh. So many memories to catalogue. Moving moving moving, new town new cappuccino spot. Lol

  3. Thanks Walt and MJ... Warms my heart to hear from loved ones!

  4. You'd last couple of days have certainly been varied in people and places. Following the blog allows armchair pilgrims like me to experience your adventure without the challenge. Your smiles belie the physical sacrifice. You are poster children for cappuccino as a panacea.

  5. You nailed it Bill! We love your perspective from the armchair