Sunday, October 11, 2015

Burgos to Leon to La Virgen del Camino 10/11/15

Revised plan on our Pilgrim Trail....In assessing our mileage progress half way into our journey, we realized that we needed to hop a train for the Meseta section of our trip ( Burgos to Leon) in order to assure our timely arrival in Santiago. We are looking forward to our ongoing adventure taking us through the mystical mountainous Galicia Region as we continue on in our journey to Santiago!

Today's walk was from Leon to La Virgin del Camino.
Mary saying goodbye to Ma and Pa Pilgrim as we leave Burgos
Mariah in a beautiful park along the River Barnesega in Leon
Amazing Building...Museum San Marcos in Leon

Leaving Leon....Mary waving from a beautiful old bridge over the Barnesega River
Not all paths on the Camino de Santiago are picture perfect.... Our pilgrims industrial trail out of Leon

View of Leon looking back as we leave
Beautiful old structure adjacent to a more modern church in our new home for the night ..The Town of La Virgin del Camino 

Basilica de la Virgin del Camino ... Wow a youngster church built in 1961! The iron work on the huge thick entrance doors and statues adorning the exterior are stunning and the interior has clean lines , modern except for a traditional alter with intricate statuary and relics... charming in its originality!  

Below.... Every city and village on The Camino has its way of artistically honoring the Pilgrim Trail

Rainy evening in town... The local priest rushing to Sunday evening mass in the rain!