Monday, October 26, 2015

10/26/15 Ribadiso to Rua

A Wet Trail today with periodic rain and big downpour at day's end

Contemplating from Alburgue window... Do I really want to start my days walk now?.... in the rain?

So I'm off anyway! 
Saying goodbye to Mariah who is taking today off to help heal her tendinitis. I am assuring her I know where I am going. She has been the great charting and map person for the Grannies on Camino!

This photo shows the fun start to my day! Rain or shine you take your cows to pasture! Umbrella in hand with cows on tow ropes its off to the pasture they go

Leaving the comforts at Ribadiso and heading out in an unpredictable weather day.... lends a mixture of anticipatory excitement and dread to the day 

Looking back at Ribadiso as I exit town

Daniel from Barcelona on the left and Moses from Pamplona on the right were fun to meet and talk with on the path today. They discussed how they wanted "their Moms" to walk the Camino...after all they said ...Mariah and I had come all the way from the USA to walk it , they thought their Spanish Mamas should hit the trail in the ease of their own country.  I gave them some tips from Mariah and my experience how to "ease" their Moms into the Camino experience. Moses and Daniel have walked the Camino a few times each. Notice their footwear are Crocs.

Pilgrims in front of me on the path as the sun comes out for awhile

Beautiful as the sun filters through the trees after the rain had stopped

Enjoying the new varieties of tree combinations today

Loved the clouds and glistening grass between showers

This week I noticed the farmers are plowing under last year's crops & preparing for upcoming spring planting 

View from our hotel window in Rua.... So happy to finally arrive here and be out of the rain and off the muddy trails!
Being predominantly a rain day I was limited in my photo taking due to visibility and protection of my phone from an abundance of water. Tomorrow we arrive in Santiago .... Wow..... It is hard to believe we have been walking for a month! The last few days we have been discussing the magnitude of what we have experienced and the ground we have covered walking on this journey! much has transpired we will have to compare notes and photos well into the future. Our blog will help us remember the who, where and when of our experiences. 
Off to prepare for our big day tommorow!
Mary and Mariah
Grannies on Camino


  1. I want a copy of photo with cows and umbrella walker. That one is a keeper!

  2. You can't believe how excited I was to see the umbrella toting cow walker! I will get you that photo Cate as I will be printing 2!
    Thankyou Justin!