Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hospital de la Condesa to Triacastela 10/20/15

Waiting for the Leprechauns and Fairies to pop out in Technicolor on the Galician mountains, pastures, hills and trails! 

Leaving the little village of Hospital de la Condesa in the mist but NO signs of rain!

Beautiful fresh morning trail after the rain

Unusual shaped church at the edge of town . Always sorry they can't typically be seen on the interior unless it is Sunday or in a bigger city

Beautiful early morning color, views and mist before the morning sun

Climbing higher and enjoying seeing where we've come from

Love the fall colors in the morning mist

Misty, magical feeling to this trail

Wow.... There really is orange mushrooms! A Spaniard walked by and warned us .... No Bueno! Poisonous

View out the window from our first rest stop in the little village of Alto do Polo 

Beautiful lush green in many shades! What a beautiful path!

Views that really get your attention! 

Move aside Pilgrims! The cows have the right of way on the Camino!

View after view both natural and pristine 

And the Views go on!..... and on and on and on!

Wow! .... Big cow population added to the picturesque movie set!

Coming down the other side of the mountain and heading toward our evening home ... The village of Tricastela

Cute thatched hut for the Hobbits 

Beautiful scenery continues the whole day from our Pilgrim path!.... And so does the blue sky!

The hills are alive with the Sound of Music and cow bells!

Green grass in foreground "glistening" in the sun! Got both of our attention!

Beautiful umbrella of trees to usher us into town

800 year old Chestnut tree on our way into Tricastela

Ever wonder besides " chestnuts roasting on an open fire" .... what chestnuts are all about?  The dark brown large nut in the photo below is a chestnut, the furry pod next to it is what the chestnut is encased in & eventually pops out of or is extracted from. Upon interviews of local folks  (huge amount of chestnut trees in Spain)... chestnuts are used in stuffing for meat or poultry , in desserts,  ground into flour or eaten as a nut after roasting. There you go ... You now know more about the chestnut!
Today is a day on Camino that we will always remember as a day of nature's beauty that fed our Soul!
Mary and Mariah
Grannies on Camino


  1. Wow what beautiful photos!!! The adventure continues! Awesome!

  2. I am just one day behind you. I satyed in Hospital also and am in Tricastela now. Had an amazing celbratory meal with some other Canadians, as the election is over and WE WON!!! Hope you are well!

  3. Great news Catherine! Hopefully we will connect again! Mary & Mariah

  4. This was one of the more picturesque days. Those views were so exhilerating.